Walkabout's 40th Anniversary Year

Tuesday's recurring Mission Bay Sunsets walk is cancelled on July 4th 

Stan Follis Celebrates his 85th Birthday with a great party

We're not just about walking it's the friendships that we form over the years of walking. Stan Follis a long time member and current 3rd vice president of Walkabout's turned 85 on June 3rd. He celebrated the event with a great party surrounded by family and friends. Stan has lead walks for Walkabouts for many years and has accumulated many close friends over those years which turned out to assist in the celebration. Congratulations Stan and thanks for all your efforts in support of Walkabout-Int.  

Stan Follis Birthday Party

Larry Forman is recovering at Home 

Walkabout International’s founding father, Larry Forman, is at home recovering quite nicely from surgery as he successfully continues walking out and about.  In early June he faces daily radiation and chemotherapy treatments for 6 to 8 weeks.  To show how his spirits are now, the following is an excerpt from an email he recently sent to the Walkabout office:

I am positive about being positive and negative about being negative. I still maintain an upbeat perspective on life. I view myself as living with cancer, not dying from cancer. Life continues to sparkle for me as I still fully embrace the beauty of the cosmos in whatever way it may unfold. I don't accept life as something one survives, but as an experience in which to thrive and hope to personally extend spreading the joy of walking and of Walkabout for many more moments to come. Carpe diem! After all is said and done -- in the words of British philosopher Francis Bacon -- We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand--and melting like a snowflake. I invite you to seize and savor each moment. I know I will . . . Still thriving . . . Happy trails.
He also said that having people going on any Walkabout walk (and sending out good vibes) Or, even better: leading or co-leading any flavor of Walkabout walk would uplift his spirits immensely. Well, let's all give it a shot and see how it works out!  Larry can be reached at  larry@walkabout-int.org

Our 40th Anniversary Year continues as Walkabout International has been in the forefront of promoting healthy regular exercise, social camaraderie and discovering new places since its inception in 1977. We have conducted over 25,000 walks covering more than two million people-miles – or the equivalent of walking around the equator over 80 times – for tens of thousands of “soles”!
An all-volunteer non-profit 501(c3) organization offers hundreds of local walks each year along with, low-cost day and overnight trips, parties and potlucks, holiday celebrations and other activities. Come join us during our 40th Anniversary Year where your interests lead you while selecting from our numerous walks, hikes and activities.

Converging January 29th



This months featured Trip

Bus trip to Riverside County - Saturday, December 9

Our first stop will be at the Old Town Farmers Market in Temecula. Our next adventure takes us to Tio Tacos - a traditional taco shop with funky, eclectic, folk art behind the building. All of the art material is either found or recycled.

Then to a docent led tour of the famous Mission Inn which is comparable to the Hotel Del in Coronado. Lastly, we will experience the Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn at dusk. Millions of lights will create a magical experience. Details to follow in future newsletters. Phone the office to be placed on an interest list for the Riverside Mission Inn.

Please call our office (619) 231-7463 for details about any of the following.


Overnight Trips (all dates are tentative)
Montreal & Quebec Early June
Resplendent Rambles in the Alluring Swiss Alps  Trip Detail June 25 - July 9, 2017
Louisiana Late September
SE New Mexico Late October
San Antonio Riverwalk Early December

40th Anniversary Events

40th Anniversary Boat Tour November
40th Anniversary Trip Reunion December


Specific Needs for Volunteers (Mailing Helpers, Office Helpers)

Our mailing crew needs additional help once per month. Bev Stebbins and Charlotte Sedgwick are captains, and they could use help.

We need someone to backup Stan F. with labels, subscriptions, and computer issues.

We need someone to monitor the office one day (four hours) consistently during the week (16 hours per month commitment).

We will be losing a board member soon, and we need a replacement with good judgment and hands-on skills.


  • Balboa Park with ranger tour
  • Free Tuesdays at museums in Balboa Park
  • Receive help with your write-up, contact us with any ideas for walks, etc.!

If you are interested in these specific opportunities or any of our volunteer positions, please call the office (619) 231-7463.