Welcome to Walkabout International!

Walkabout International has been in the forefront of promoting healthy regular exercise, social camaraderie and discovering new places since its inception in 1977. We have conducted over 25,000 walks covering more than two million people-miles – or the equivalent of walking around the equator over 80 times – for tens of thousands of “soles”!
An all-volunteer non-profit 501(c3) organization offering over 850 local walks each year along with, low-cost day and overnight trips, parties and potlucks, holiday celebrations and other activities. Come join us where your interests lead you while selecting from our numerous walks and hikes of varying levels.


The CROWN POINT AREA BECKONS Monday walk on July 4th is Cancelled.

New Photo Gallery Page

Your Walkabout-int web site has added a new page called “Photo Galleries” located on the About Us drop down menu. We only have one gallery their at the present time which shows our offices and staff at work. Not really all that interesting, however, please start to input photo’s that you take on your hikes or trips. Photo’s from any camera from your phone to an expensive SLR are welcome. Please add enough information so we know who/what is in the picture and the location and date that it was taken so that it can be added into the photos description. Attach them to an email and mail to photos@walkabout-int.org. We can’t guarantee that all photos will be published but we will try.

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