Come join us as we WALK into our 41st year in San Diego on numerous walks and hikes around the city and county each month. Looking for exercise that is really fun? You are at the right place. Walking while an excellent form of exercise also provides proven benefits both to our physical as well as psychological body. Walkabout-Int adds the extra benefit of also doing so in delightful company as we explore the world around us.  We have conducted over 35,000 walks covering more than 3.5+ million people-miles or the equivalent of walking around the equator over 150 times for thousands of our "soles" which is quite a "feet". An all-volunteer non-profit 501(c3) organization offers hundreds of local walks each year along with, low-cost day and overnight trips, parties and potlucks, holiday celebrations and other activities.

Welcome to Walkabout-int's New President

During your Walkabout-int Board's yearly planning retreat on Friday April 13, 2018 Elaine Berger was elected to the position of President. Congratulation to Elaine on her new position as President. Robert Buehler stepped down as this years president and has taken the position of 1st Vice President. No other Directors or Officers of Walkabout-int changed.  

What Kind of a Walker Are You?

No matter what type of walking interests  you Walkabout-International has it covered. Enjoy a few views of our many varied walks around the County, Country and the world.  

Alpine Fresh Air

A Santa Luz Cruise

Desert Landscape

A Walk in the Winter Woods

41st Walkabout Anniversary Walk


If you are interested in any of our volunteer opportunities, please call the office (619) 231-7463.


We are recruiting walk leaders for the suggested walks below. If interested, please call the office (619) 231-7463. Receive help with write-up, etc. And, contact us with YOUR ideas for walks!!

  • Balboa Park with ranger tour
  • Free Tuesdays at museums in Balboa Park


We need office volunteers and new board members.

Do you have any experience producing a newsletter? Did you help with production or publication at your last job? Would you like to help Walkabout? If you fit any of these, please contact ElaineWalkabout-Inc@gmail.com  or elmaberg@att.net We need your ideas and experience