40 Anniversary Events Calendar

January 29
We Converged

February 20
Presidents Day Reception

February 25
Bus Tour &  Luncheon

March 4
Open House

March 13
40th Anniversary High Tea

Friday, March 17
Re-Created our "original" Hike

Saturday April 1
Spring Home and Garden Show.

Saturday November 11
The Joys of walking Event

November 29 2017
Anniversary Boat Trip


Were you There?
Were you There?

December 16, 2017, Noon

Please RSVP for this event (by calling the office) so that we can get a head count for liquid refreshments, paper plates, etc. Oh, and we'll have a walk at Liberty Station....just because that's what we do!

Walkabout has celebrated its 40th anniversary all year long, with receptions, tours, a convergence walk, home tours and finally a Travel Potluck on Saturday, December 16 at our Green Room at Liberty Station, beginning at noon. In early years, Walkabout would concentrate on one or two big trips per year. This would typically involve large tour buses, detailed itineraries and leaders, co-leaders and assistant leaders. Since 2000, smaller van trips have been the rule, with several trips offered each year. The purpose of the trips is not only to offer travel walking experiences for our walkers but also to help fund our organization. When our subscription base was 1,100+ in the 1980s, the tours would fill fast. Now the tours still fill fast because as an all-volunteer organization our prices are so low, but the pool of available travelers is smaller. With this issue of SD Feets, you'll find a list of trips that have been offered since 2000. Thanks to Grace Greenalch for perusing our old newsletters for the past 17 years to come up with the list! We figured no one would remember much before the Millennium.

If you've traveled on any of these trips (or kept a record prior to 2000), jot down the trips you went on and create a name tag showing where you've been with Walkabout over the years. There will be prizes for things like "most trips," "most creative name tags" and the like. You don't have to have traveled with Walkabout in order to join in on our potluck. We welcome all Walkabouters! Bring a potluck dish to share for our luncheon and a folding chair since we will probably not enough seating for everyone who has traveled. We've had a succession of trip leaders, including Verna Bain, Larry Forman, Bruce Herms, Beverly Bruff, Walter Konopka, Julie McKane, Stan Follis, Audrey Davis, Larraine Marshall and Dan Haslam. Be prepared to share some stories about trips that you remember -- and remember that the trip leaders may have some stories featuring you as well!

Search for Frank Lloyd Wright, AZ

Mile High Adventures, CO

Walk San Francisco

Return to the Islands, Maui


Colonial Caper, Williamsburg, VA

Springtime in Montreal & Quebec City

WI Midsummer Walk on Wild Side

Gator Trip to E. Florida


Road Runners Revenge; Return to Tucson

Mystery Air-Van Journey, NM

Microscopic DC

Inaugural Voyage to Yuma

Return to San Antonio

Journey to the Pac N.W.

Walking Mainly in the Canadian Provinces

Foliage of the Northeast Kingdom

Secrets of Santa Barbara

Gator Express FL Coast & W. Everglades


Dogwood Dawdlers on Carolina Coast

In the Footsteps of Tony Hillerman, NM

Walkabout’s First Cruise N Walk, Canada to LA

Beautiful Boise & Sun Valley, ID

Foot stepping in Fabulous FL


Hiking Viva Las Vegas

Footsteps of Cochise and AZ’s Southeastern Ghosts

Springtime on the Eastern Shore

In Search of San Francisco & Maltese Falcon

Positively Pedestrian Providence to Provincetown

Walkabout Presents Fall in AZ

FL’s Gulf Stream Express

Walkabout’s Sweetheart Mexican Rivera Cruise

Springtime in Wasatch Mt. and Salt Lake City

Spectacular Summer Saunters in Switzerland 

Death Valley and Beyond

Pedestrian Pennsylvania

Maine Event: Inns at Poland Spring

Bopping Around Boston

Fall Foliage in New England

Fabulous Florida

It’s Apple Picking Time in Julian


Portland, Oregon & Seattle, WA Gems of NW

Come Dance with Walkabout: Palm Springs Follies

San Francisco Labor Day Weekend

Cape Cod Capers, Boston

Finagling Florida on Foot


Mission Possible-CA Missions

Leaping Las Vegas (Walking Isn’t for Sissies)

Footsteps of Colonial America, VA

Chicago in Pampered Fashion

Footing Around Vermont Foliage

Beautiful Boise & Sun Valley, ID

Fabulous FL


Springtime in Northern AZ

NY, NY Beckons

Journey to Rushmore, Yellowstone, Grand Teton NP

San Francisco Trip


Everything But Las Vegas

CA Gold Rush Here We Come

CA North Coastal

Cape Cod Revisited

Marvelous Minnesota

Three-Day Getaway to Santa Barbara



Trip to Wonder Valley Ranch Thanksgiving

All Aboard for Santee Lakes Camping Staycation

Summer Camp in Maine Not to be Missed

San Francisco Public Transportation Way

Beautiful Boise & Sun Valley Sheep

Gracious TN

Cruise to Hawaii


2-day trip to Julian Premier Mt.


Marvelous Monterey Bay Asilomar Thanksgiving

Beautiful Boise & Sheep Festival

Santa Barbara & Solvang


Springtime in San Francisco

Jazzy New Orleans

Santa Barbara Across the Waterfront

Spring Baseball Training in PHX

4 Cultures of Switzerland


Las Vegas

Boise, ID

Return to Tucson, AZ

Austin & San Antonio, TX

Washington, DC



Asheville, North Carolina

Northern NM

Tucson, AZ

Poland Spring, ME

San Clemente

St. Augustine, FL


FL Everglades & Keys

CAL Gold Rush

Bermuda Cruise from Boston

S.E. New Mexico/TX

Switzerland Resplendent Alps