Hiking Cuyamaca Peak on a cool winter day


Come join us as we WALK into our 41st year in San Diego on numerous walks and hikes around the city and county each month. Looking for exercise that is really fun? You are at the right place. Walking while an excellent form of exercise also provides proven benefits both to our physical as well as psychological body. Walkabout-Int adds the extra benefit of also doing so in delightful company as we explore the world around us.  We have conducted over 35,000 walks covering more than 3.5+ million people-miles or the equivalent of walking around the equator over 150 times for thousands of our "soles" which is quite a "feet". An all-volunteer non-profit 501(c3) organization offers hundreds of local walks each year along with, low-cost day and overnight trips, parties and potlucks, holiday celebrations and other activities.

Overnight Trips 
Baja Whale Watching - Check Availability   February 17-23, 2018
Unique 2018 Walkabout Travel Opportunities- Changed  2018
Day Trips Events 
All Trips Reunion Pot Luck


On December 16, Walkabout International celebrated the last of its 40th anniversary activities with a potluck luncheon, gathering, and walk to fete our 40 years of walking and touring throughout the United States and world. About 30 people joined in with delicious foods and treats to toast our years on the road and our feet. Guests were asked to create name tags with as many trips as they could recall on their name tags. Walter and Margot Linback won hands down with a name tag that spanned some 20 feet of pictures and memorabilia from their travels with Walkabout.

A highlight of the event was a special tribute speech prepared by an early founder of Walkabout, Bruce Herms, who attended the luncheon. He recalled Larraine Marshall and remembered her as the "Mother of Walkabout" for the many years of service that she gave our organization. Larraine passed away more than a year ago, but remains close to our hearts, having led numerous trips, walks, and guided Walkabout through some difficult financial times in the 1980s. Bruce recalled special trips that he and Larraine took to San Francisco and Arizona, and some important moments in our history. He also spoke about some trip disasters including buses burning up, the Northridge earthquake, the Walkabout trip challenge to get home, and some financial disasters as well. Each guest at the luncheon was invited to share experiences about trips they had been on. Many talked of "unique" hotels (some disastrous), the challenge of traveling during the 9/11 crisis, or just plain fun times with walk leaders over the years. Dan Haslam shared some stories about the 115 trips he has led, and told stories on only those who were not in the room. He also discussed upcoming 2018 travels for Walkabout.

After the luncheon the group gathered for a picture on the front steps of our building at Liberty Station and headed out for one more walk, one more trip down memory lane.

What Kind of a Walker Are You?

No matter what type of walking interests  you Walkabout-International has it covered. Enjoy a few views of our many varied walks around the County, Country and the world.  

Downtown sidewalks are fine

Around Mission Bay on a cool evening

Were you There?

Sightseeing in Europe

A good hike through Tecolote Canyon followed by a potluck

Watching sheep wend there way through Boise ID


If you are interested in any of our volunteer opportunities, please call the office (619) 231-7463.


We are recruiting walk leaders for the suggested walks below. If interested, please call the office (619) 231-7463. Receive help with write-up, etc. And, contact us with YOUR ideas for walks!!

  • Balboa Park with ranger tour
  • Free Tuesdays at museums in Balboa Park


We need office volunteers and new board members.

Do you have any experience producing a newsletter? Did you help with production or publication at your last job? Would you like to help Walkabout? If you fit any of these, please contact ElaineWalkabout-Inc@gmail.com  or elmaberg@att.net We need your ideas and experience