Walkabout's 40th Anniversary Year

Our 40th Anniversary Year starts to close as Walkabout International is in the forefront of promoting healthy regular exercise, social camaraderie and discovering new places since its inception in 1977. We have conducted over 35,000 walks covering more than 3.5+ million people-miles or the equivalent of walking around the equator over 150 times for thousands of our "soles" which is quite a "feet". An all-volunteer non-profit 501(c3) organization offers hundreds of local walks each year along with, low-cost day and overnight trips, parties and potlucks, holiday celebrations and other activities.


An anonymous Walkabout donor will match your gift to Walkabout up to a total of $600! So, if we gather 10 gifts of $60 each, Walkabout will receive $1200! Happy holidays to us, and we thank all donors for their generosity. You can go directly to our Support Subscribe Page and do it right now online or contact the office at  (619) 231-7463 for assistance.

The San Diego Union Tribune's article on our 40 Anniversary Year's Premier event is reprinted below.

The Joys of Walking

By Morgan Cook
Several dozen people took to the streets Saturday in Point Loma to celebrate the joy and “magic” of something many people take for granted: walking.

The celebration was part of “The Joys of Walking,” a festival marking the 40th anniversary of Walkabout International, a San Diego-based nonprofit that organizes hundreds of cost-free local walks each year. The event, held at Liberty Station, began with various speakers and ended with a walk outdoors.

Edie Andrew-Akita, 89 of San Diego, said she has been a member of Walkabout for 30 years and could attest to the power of walking regularly for exercise.

“It has kept us young,” Andrew-Akita said of herself and her fellow members. “Our average age is 80 or something, and everyone is in great shape.”

Dr. Poulina Uddin, a cardiologist with Scripps Health who spoke at the event Saturday, said walking 45 minutes at least four days a week can improve muscle tone, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and relieve stress.

Regular exercise makes people stronger and more physically resilient, so they can recover faster if they get sick or need major surgery, Uddin said.

“Anything you can do to increase your baseline level of activity will help you through any illness,” Uddin said. “The recovery will be much better.”

Another speaker, Walkabout founder Larry Forman, said decades of walking helped him get on his feet both physically and mentally after surgery to treat his brain cancer.

“I certainly didn’t want a little hiccup in my health like brain cancer to prevent me from pursuing my passion: walking,” Forman said.

And it didn’t, he said. The nurses who accompanied him on his post-surgery walks got tired before he did.

Robert Manning, an author of books on walking, spoke about its benefits on the mind and soul. He pointed to great thinkers throughout history, from the Greek philosopher Aristotle to the English author Henry David Thoreau, who said regular walks stimulated their minds.

It’s also a great way to meet some “sole mates,” Walkabout members said. They said they met great friends through walking groups, and a couple people even found true love.

Mike Anderson, 68, a retired Navy SEAL from Spring Valley, attended the event with his wife, Kathy, and pitbull-boxer mix Timmy. He said they all walk and hike together, but they thought it might be fun to join a group.

“When you get older, it’s kind of hard to find people to do this kind of thing,” he said.

Along with meeting friends, Walkabout groups are also a great way to explore the city, members said. Volunteers lead numerous walks daily in neighborhoods throughout San Diego. The group also organizes out-of-town trips.

To learn more about Walkabout and see a schedule of walks, visit walkabout-int.org or call its office at (619) 231-7463

What Kind of a Walker Are You?

No matter what type of walking interests  you Walkabout-International has it covered. Enjoy a few views of our many varied walks around the County, Country and the world.  

Downtown sidewalks are fine

Around Mission Bay on a cool evening

Were you There?

Sightseeing in Europe

A good hike through Tecolote Canyon followed by a potluck

Watching sheep wend there way through Boise ID


Overnight Trips 
Baja Whale Watching Almost sold out  February 17-23, 2018
Unique 2018 Walkabout Travel Opportunities  2018
Day trips and 40th Anniversary Events 
Riverside County Mission Inn Day Trip December 9
40th Anniversary Trip Reunion December 16
Annual Christmas Brunch & Gift Exchange December 25



Saturday, December 16

Save the date to celebrate with us as we fete all those who have travelled with us! We'll meet in our Green Room for a potluck party and prizes to the most-travelled, most-requested roommate, biggest faux pas, etc. You can check out which trips you've travelled on in our December newsletter which will include a list of more than 100 trips we have offered in our 40-year history. This is our close-out anniversary bash, so even if you've never travelled with us, come to the party anyway! Details in the next newsletter!


Monday December 25 
Broken Yolk Café, 1851 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach

Walkabout’s annual Christmas Brunch attracts around 40 people and is an excellent way to celebrate the holidays with your Walkabout friends. You can make this the center of your day, or simply start Christmas off with us and move onto other parties. You are warmly welcome!

Enjoy a bountiful brunch of scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, pancakes, muffins, orange juice, coffee, and tea. Cost $16.00 per person (includes tax and tip). Send your check to Walkabout, 2650 Truxtun Rd., Suite 110, San Diego, CA 92106. Be sure to note ‘Christmas Brunch’ on the check. Questions? (619) 231-7463.



If you are interested in any of our volunteer opportunities, please call the office (619) 231-7463.


We are recruiting walk leaders for the suggested walks below. If interested, please call the office (619) 231-7463. Receive help with write-up, etc. And, contact us with YOUR ideas for walks!!

  • Balboa Park with ranger tour
  • Free Tuesdays at museums in Balboa Park


We need office volunteers and new board members.

Do you have any experience producing a newsletter? Did you help with production or publication at your last job? Would you like to help Walkabout? If you fit any of these, please contact ElaineWalkabout-Inc@gmail.com  or elmaberg@att.net We need your ideas and experience