Amended July 22, 2011

All participants must be in condition, well-prepared for walk conditions, and will be accepted at the leader’s discretion. Carry Identification and/or Medical Card with you. Lock belonging in trunk before walking and take valuables with you on the walk

Car locked & windows up

Stay behind the walk leader, let leader set the pace.

No one behind the sweep

Echo back obstacles

Obey traffic signals

Cross at intersections

Regrouping will occur at crosswalks and the end of walk

Stay on sidewalks when possible.

Walk facing traffic

Stay off people’s lawns

You must notify the leader if you want to leave walk

Only service animals allowed unless indicated in the newsletter as a special walk with dogs

Adventure pass or equivalent displayed as necessary

Hikers must be able to keep up with the group

Carry sufficient water

Be prepared for adverse weather, we may not turn back

Night Walks:

Use flashlight or walk with some one with flashlight.

Don’t shine flashlight on houses