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You are the heart and "soles" of an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that raises walking far above a pedestrian pursuit. WALKABOUT depends in large part on your generous spirit to fund our yearly operating costs through your thoughtful, tax deductible donations. If you appreciate the value you receive from WALKABOUT, please contribute. All levels of support include a one-year subscription to our monthly newsletter.


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Call 619-231-SHOE (7463) to notify office promptly of any changes to your information; or to discuss WALKABOUT’s charitable gifts, trusts, and memorials program; or to find out how you can donate some time to WALKABOUT. By coming on walks, bringing friends, helping out at the headquarters or at events - you sustain and spread the WALKABOUT spirit!

Walkabout is offering a buy-one, get-one-free subscription deal when you contribute at the $25 level or above. Simply provide information for someone who has never had their own subscription and might like to subscribe:

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