Elaine Berger, President

Wow, how can we already be in to March? Wasn’t it just the holiday season? And no, my Xmas lights are NOT still up on my patio!

As each new year comes, folks are looking for ways to improve their health. As a result, there have been some really great articles online describing the wonderful benefits of walking. An article by Meghan Rabbitt in Country Living listed 11 ways walking can improve your life. The list includes improving your mood, burning calories and losing weight, reducing your risk of chronic disease, improving your digestion, boosting your immunity and alleviating joint pain. It is a very extensive article and will make you want to get up, put on your walking shoes, and get out the door.

In addition, an article in Consumer Reports from Nov. 4, 2019 offers “How to Get the Biggest Benefits of Walking.” This includes walking as much as possible each day, and at the fastest pace possible.


Walter Konopka Jr. leads a group on a chilly morning in October 2019 at the Craters Of The Moon National Monument & Preserve in Idaho

Don’t worry about walking in one long walk— walking for short periods multiple time per day is actually just as beneficial. Bottom line, Walkabout has the right idea—walk, meet new friends and explore your environment.

Happy Walking!  Elaine

On Tuesday, January 21, this large group followed Evelyn Kooperman to Morley Field to learn about San Diego tennis star Maureen Connolly (“Little Mo”) at a new exhibit that recently opened there.


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