Eliane Berger, President


Here we are with the holiday season rapidly approaching-wasn’t it just new years day a few weeks ago? Where did the time go

Thanks to all who joined Walkabout on Mission Bay for our annual picnic/meeting/auction. Thanks to Evelyn K for leading a pre-luncheon walk and to Donna, Dan and Marilyn for setting up the tables. And what a feast we enjoyed as people brought all sorts of yummy food. Again thanks  Dan for his auctioneering skills we did make a profit thanks to the generosity of our members. Congratulations to those who won door-prizes.

On Saturday, Nov. 2 we had positive feedback from many individuals who stopped at our booth at the UT Successful Aging event at the Convention Center (see page 12 for some photos). Special thanks to Tracey J., Connie V., Jessica N., Derek S., Cynthia R., Janet F. and Marilyn B. for serving as ambassadors at our booth throughout the day. We handed out some 100 newsletters and probably almost as many panel cards. We also got names and email addresses from 45 people who will receive PDF “SEZ ME” Elaine Berger, President copies of the newsletter. I am always surprised when I meet folks at these types of events who were previously members of Walkabout but who have not participated for decades. They all have fond memories of their time in the organization and are pleased that we are still going strong.

Make sure to check the newsletter and your emails for special walks and events that will be occurring during the month of December. Most are designed to observe the many beautiful holiday decorations around the city. It is hard to beat a nice walk while enjoying the colors of the season. And however you decide to spend your holiday, remember to take a few minutes each day to walk. It will give you a chance to catch your breath and appreciate all the season has to offer.


After nearly 20 years in San Diego, I am walking on. I have moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL, where I will continue my north-south migration between Cape Cod and now Florida in the springs and falls. The semi-annual drive across country was losing its luster, and with a new house in each of Cape Cod and Florida, it was time to move on. I have loved my Walkabout years, and just because I have relocated to another state, it does not mean you won’t see me again. I have maintained a rental condo in San Diego which I can move to at any time. With the board’s permission, I will continue to offer walking tours, but they will be planned out of Florida or Massachusetts. Many of the new tours may focus on the East Coast, and I’ll simply meet the travelers at local airports.

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of fun with Walkabout and the special breed that are our members. In ‘94 I hosted nearly 40 for 10 days in Tucson, AZ where I was then living, and moved to San Diego in 2000. My board service extends to 2000 with several years as president and VP, and with my first trip leading a luxury tour to Montreal and Quebec City. Then when 9/11 hit, I kept our Atlantic van tour calm and collected as we worked our way through a terrorized country. About 125 trips later, I think I’ve learned a few tricks. Don’t squeeze 15 people onto a 15-passenger van. Limit luggage. Lots of rest stops when driving. Not a whole lot of night life … people are tired after a long day of walking. The local activities in San Diego have delighted me as well. Remember the holiday home tours? Happy hour walks? Dog walks? Cheap “Weekend Warriors” van day trips with picnic lunches?

 Thanksgiving dinners at my church prepared with the help of Dorothy Busbee, Norm Vigeant, Fred Ihler and so many more? All the meals I have cooked, gifts wrapped for walk leaders appreciation — the unusual narrated walks I researched and led — so many obituaries I have written — the annual auctions and fundraisers — the 5-year anniversary parties — it has been a great 25+ years with all of you. While I will miss you all, I welcome the opportunity for new challenges; I have been invited to join the board of the Truro Historical Society in my new Cape Cod town. My job as a starter/ranger for the oldest golf links in America resumes next May. I will be leading walks in both Provincetown and Fort Lauderdale … we may even continue our Cape Cod affiliate of Walkabout. But I want to have a bit more time for just me … to travel broadly, and cruise luxuriously. To swim in my pool and enjoy a tropical paradise. Ft. Lauderdale is the busiest cruise terminal on the East Coast, and I intend to do my share. Please keep in touch with me and know that Walkabout will always have a special place in my heart, and fe

—Dan Haslam


 Office Appreciation Holiday Party/Gift Exchange TBD
 Hotel Del Coronado Walk Thur, Dec 5
 San Diego Bay Boat Parade of Lights Sun, Dec 8
 Annual Christmas Breakfast/Gift Exchange Wed, Dec 25
 Annual New Years Day Walk  Wed, Jan1
 Annual Walk Leaders Appreciation Luncheon TBD
 Walkabout Anniversary Potluck TBD
 New Orleans Trip/Carribbean Cruise TBD
 Board Members Annual Retreat/Planning Session TBD