In response to Governor Gavin Newsom’s order that all  California citizens stay at home unless they are essential employees, I have decided to cancel all the scheduled walks for the remainder of March.  It would be irresponsible to invite people to gather for a walk, even if they do practice “social distancing”.  We will update you about April walks as more information becomes available.

If you are a walk leader, please try to make sure the people who normally walk with you get this message-call them, text them or have a friend pass this news along.  Even better would be if you or someone can be at the walk start point to explain what is happening.  However, I don’t think it is appropriate to ask anyone to go out if they are uncomfortable doing so.

To all Walkabouters-try to get some exercise, but please do it in a safe and responsible manner.  I know this is an extremely unusual response for our walking group, but we are living in unusual times.

Any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.
Elaine Berger
President, Walkabout International  


Elaine Berger, President

First, I want to thank all of you who participated in
our Feb 18 walk leader strategy meeting at Liberty
Station. We had a very lively discussion and talked
about some of our current issues. I hope to hold this
type of meeting on a quarterly basis and hope to
have such a positive response.
One result of this meeting is we will be hosting a
table at the UT Festival of Books at Liberty Station
on Aug 29. This is part of the One Book San Diego
library reading program and will put our name out
there in front of 20,000 visitors.
Second, one of the items brought up at this
meeting was Walkabout once again having a t-shirt
proclaiming our pride in our organization. Several
individuals have asked about this and I personally
would love to have a Walkabout t-shirt to wear at
walks, health fairs etc. If you would also like to have
such a shirt, please call the office and tell us what
size and how many you would like. We have not
yet chosen a style or color scheme, so your voice
still counts. We will not order any shirts that are not
requested. Shirts will probably be in the $15 range.
Finally, I know many of you plan to travel this
summer and the corona virus news is something
we all need to consider. If you are scheduled for
a cruise, you may want to reconsider. While you
personally may not be at serious risk, you could
wind up quarantined in some undesirable location
or even floating out in the ocean with no destination.
While I personally plan to go to the east coast in
early fall, I will definitely keep the CDC advisories in
mind as I plan my travels.
The Walkabout Board of Directors met on Friday,
March 13 and made the following policy decisions
for walks for the month of April. We decided to
continue walks as listed in the newsletter IF the
walk leader decides to lead the walk. To reduce
contact we ask the walk leader to have a pen
and sign in each walker instead of each person
signing in individually. We feel that the benefits
of walking and interacting socially outweigh the
benefits of isolation—especially since walkers can
easily keep a social distance that should reduce
risks of interaction. We ask that walk leaders and
walkers use common sense—if you are coughing
or sneezing, please stay home. If you feel the risks
of joining a walk are too high for you personally, we
all understand the fact that you choose not to walk.
If you are a walk leader who choses not to do your
walk, please notify your usual walkers as well as the
Walkabout office. If possible, make arrangements
for an alternate walk leader.
As they say, this too shall pass. We simply want to
insure that we provide Walkabouters with a safe and
enjoyable experience.

Don’t worry about walking in one long walk— walking for short periods multiple time per day is actually just as beneficial. Bottom line, Walkabout has the right idea—walk, meet new friends and explore your environment.

Happy Walking!  Elaine

Rob Keller leads three different walks in the Point Loma area. Every
other Monday he conducts walks at either La Playa Trail or America’s
Cup Harbor. On Thursdays he guides groups down Shelter Island and
back. He is very knowledgeable about San Diego history as well as an
expert on anything to do with sailing. Plus he always has a joke or two
to make you chuckle along the way

NOV 21, 1938 – FEB 1, 2020

Sandra Gustafson started the weekly Thursday Shelter Island Walk & Talk Bunch in 2010 with Sally Rathbone which has grown from just the two of them to sometimes 23+ and continues on today. Sandra was a world traveler, noted author of 34 guide books to Europe and Hawaii, and long-time San Diego resident and Walkabout member. May she rest in peace. To find out more about Sandra’s extraordinary life, please click the link below:

Lenore February walk on Del Sur Trails
Lenore February walk on Del Sur Trails


 Booth at Festival of Books/Liberty Station August 29
 Annual Meeting/Mission Bay Picnic TBD
 Hotel Del Coronado Tree/Walk/Happy Hour TBD