Elaine Berger, President

To me Walkabout is a great organization that has allowed me to meet wonderful people and participate in unique events. I know many of you feel the same way. However, my love for the organization does not change the fact that we face many issues. These are not new issues. I looked back at Bruce Hermes newsletter articles as president 20 years ago and he was addressing the same issues. At our board meeting on Aug. 9 the question of how to keep Walkabout thriving was discussed. The loss of two board members this year leaves us with a 7 member board. We are having difficulty finding new board members. Also a problem is finding volunteers to work in the office, participate at booths for health fairs, lead new walks, etc. Sadly, new members are few and far between. Therefore the question— what can each of us do to help keep Walkabout vibrant? Only you, the members, can answer this question. Let our board members know what you feel you can do to help—leave messages on the office phone, send emails, or fill out the form below or your newsletter form and send through snail mail!

1. Office Volunteers
Here is your opportunity to help keep our great organization going. Office hours are 10am-2pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Activities include answering the phone, checking the mail, general maintenance of the office and helping with projects as needed. No prior office experience is required as we will train you on all aspects of the job.

2. Board of Directors Members What does it take to be a member of the Board of Directors? First and foremost a desire to do all that is necessary to keep this great organization moving forward. We request you attend one two hour meeting on the 2nd Friday of each month. These meetings are where we determine what events, activities, trips etc. that Walkabout will do. In addition to board meetings, most members have additional activities. We currently need someone who would like to help us develop new walks. We would also like to have someone who is social media savvy and would like to spread our story using this forum. If any of these activities sound like something you would like to do, please attend a board meeting so we can meet you and hear your ideas.

How Do We Keep Walkabout Thriving

We want our membership to weigh in and let us know what you can do to help keep Walkabout thriving. Use this online form, Fill out the newsletter form and send through regular mail or call or email us your answers. Thanks

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About time to start thinking about some yummy treat to share with your friends, as well as something to bring to the auction. Please bring items in good shape that you think someone else might enjoy. This is Elaine, last year I got a set of bath and hand towels that were just what I needed. I smile each time I shower and use these items!

Stan to lead Boise and Trailing of the Sheep Festival

October 7 to 14, 2019

This trip is presently filled and we are accepting names on a STAND-BY LIST in case anyone has to drop out. Please call the office at 619.231.7463.

Join us for an 8-day, 7-night Van tour of Idaho highlights, from the state capitol in Boise to the wonderful Trailing of the Sheep Festival in Ketchum. Please use these hotlinks to see the some of the attractions  on this trip. On Monday, October 7 2019, we fly nonstop to Boise and will start with 3 days with walks along the Boise river and tours of the beautiful State Capitol. We will stay at the Marriott Springhill Suites as we have in times past. https://www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-photos/boidt-springhill-suites-boise-parkcenter/

 Del Parkinson has agreed to entertain us again as he has on ALL of our previous Boise trips  https://music.boisestate.edu/dparkins/

Walter K entertains our 2015 group, they are in the mirro and are really watching him from the front.

The cost for double occupancy is $1,319 for each person. The cost for single occupancy is $1,886. If 3 travelers wish to share a double queen bedroom the cost for each will be $941. The deposit is $719 and is NONREFUNDABLE. Travelers are always encouraged to take trip insurance to cover unanticipated cancellations. Please send your deposits of $719 to the WI office now and mark for “BOISE 2019”. Breakfasts in our hotels and one or two evening banquets are included in the cost. There will not be any mailed information so one person in each traveling group needs to have an email address. I need to know each traveler’s full name as on your identification and birth date.There will not be any mailed information so one person in each traveling group needs to have an email address. Call Stan Follis at 619.222.3447 for any questions.   

Walkabout International

Boise 2019

2650 Truxtun Rd, Suite 110

San Diego, CA 92106

Please call Stan Follis at 619.222.344

Sheep Dog Trial
Trailing of the Sheep 2017