Board Members

Elaine Berger
(858) 560-9003
1st Vice President Robert Buehler(858) 571-7733
2nd Vice President Marilyn Buckley(619) 213-7463
3rd Vice President Stan Follis(619) 222-3447
Donna Farris
(619) 559-5650
Diane Erk
(619) 231-7463
Connie Vickers(619) 477-8628
Janet Fenston(619) 890-4622
Director Emeritus
Dan Haslam
(619) 318-4870

Office Staff

Elaine Berger, Robert Buehler, Donna Farris, Marilyn Buckley, Charlotte Sedgwick, Janet Fenston

Newsletter Staff

Kathy Johnson, Dan Haslam

Mailing Crew

Charlotte Sedgwick, Beverly Stebbins, Stan Follis, Don Piller

Contact Information

Walkabout Board Meeting

Tuesday November 10, 2020

Zoom Video conference. 
Contact for details

Members are cordially invited to the monthly board meeting.

Office Hours:    Office is closed due to Coronavirus
                            Phone Support on Monday Wednesday & Friday 
                            10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Office Address:  Walkabout International
                              2650 Truxtun Rd., Suite 110
                              San Diego, CA 92106-6007

Phone:                  (619) 231-7463

Fax:                        (619) 231-7463