2018 Travel



Pack Your Bags. You know you want to.


Spring flowers were in bloom for Walkabout International and UCC’ s joint trip to the nation’s capital. Twenty-four participants from Walkabout and University Christian Church joined on the 8-day tour, whose highlights included visits to the new Museum of African American History and Culture, the mall monuments, US Capitol and ultimately to Jefferson’s Monticello in Charlottesville. In DC the group stayed at a simple, retro motel in Rosslyn, VA, which was well placed to the Metro, Washington’s subway system.

Travelers became expert commuters and also enjoyed local hangouts near the motel, which was walking distance to the Iwo Jima military memorial and Arlington cemetery. Early bird walks were held each morning to enjoy the Arlington neighborhood. Daily visits to Smithsonian museums attempted to cover as much ground as possible, and the group enjoyed guided tours of the Capitol, Monticello, and the Washington National Cathedral.

The group was led by former DC resident and tour guide Dan Haslam and co-led by Jim Miller. Dan’s nephew, Silas, met the group in Charlottesville and provided a walking tour at Jefferson’s University of VA, where Silas is an architect working on the redesign of the college hospital.

Mothers Day luncheon buffet in Charlottesville.
Silas Haslam gave a walking tour at the UVA campus, originally designed by Thomas Jefferson

The church group delighted in hosting UCC former member Marilyn Randels at a pizza dinner in Charlottesville, and since the trip included Mothers’ Day, the women were feted to dinner out at a wonderful buffet.

Moving two dozen people around DC and VA was a challenge for the tour leaders, who led smaller groups to different museums, depending on interests. Some favorites included the Museum of American Art (portrait museum), National Gallery of Art, the Kennedy Center, Georgetown, Museum of American Indian and Museum of Natural History.

The group was kept busy from morning until night, with group happy hours along the way.

Profits from the trip will be split proportionally between the organizations.