Idyllwild trip update

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Wow!  What an awesome trip!  Kudos to the Lewis and Clark team.  You guys did an amazing job orchestrating this trip AND you managed to produce picture perfect weather!  
Thanks to all the leaders and coordinators and cooks.  
Thanks to Myra for taking us all on a trail we had not been on. Great views from South Ridge.  And a bonus to have a ranger in the fire tower on a weekday.  Great pre planning.  Sorry we did not have one of our famous photographers along.  I was captivated by the pine cones as you will notice.

And thanks to the great group that joined me on the Deer Springs Trail and Suicide Rock.  What a fantastic trail!   Mike, thanks for nudging me in that direction. It couldn’t have been more perfect.  (Well, Lucinda would have liked the trail to end a bit sooner, but . . . )  The views, the rock formations, the trees . . And we had it all to ourselves until we got back to Suicide Rock.  

Thanks again to everyone who had a part in making this such a memorable trip for all of us.
PJ Jeffery.