Wednesday’s Wilderness hike

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WEDNESDAY WILDERNESS HIKE  – December, 11, 2019 – 8:30 AM

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

Miles = 10 ish                                                                              

Elevation gain = +/- 1500 feet
Trailhead – The Trout Pond – mile marker 10.7 on Highway 79.  There are no facilities at the TH. 
Carpool leaves MV at 7:20  (mapquest shows a 1 hour drive)
* Be aware that the SC is also planning a hike using this TH.  They have a later starting time.  Arriving early will ensure that you get a spot. There is additional parking across 79 by Milk Ranch Road if necessary.  

We will be hiking with some of the legends of Cuyamaca.  We will start with Marty Minshall, a legendary park volunteer, and travel around the lake.  This was her favorite trail.  We will meet up with Vern Whitaker, famous for chasing wild horses, at the Los Vaqueros Group Horse Camp and head towards the backside of Stonewall Peak.  Keep an eye out for wild turkeys (not wild horses).  You might want to grab a quick energy snack you can eat while walking to help you up the Stonewall Peak Trail.  This is a 1.7 mile unrelenting uphill climb.  Settle in and don’t forget to look around at the amazing scenery – Little Stonewall to the east and Cuyamaca Lake to the north.  After enjoying the views from the peak, we will head down the front side of Stonewall, north on the Cold Stream Trail, east on the CR&H Trail (aka our friend, Vern Whitaker), to the Los Caballos Trail, and finally rejoining Marty for the final stroll to our cars.


Be sure to bring at least 2 liters of water and snacks/lunch.  Weather forecast is mostly sunny, with a high near 56.  As always, check the weather forecast the night before the hike.  Depending upon the desires of the group, we can have an early lunch at the peak, eat at the Paso Picacho Campground below (with tables, toilets and water), or opt for smaller snack breaks.  We may encounter some mud on the trail.  Be prepared.  The first several miles of the trail are mostly shaded.  Wear layers as you will warm up on the climb to the peak.
I have attached a map for those of you who do not already have one.  

Make sure that you review our information in the wilderness section of the newsletter. I have attached it for your convenience.  Please note this from the Walker Guidelines: Some of us are slowing down and don’t move as fast as we once did. It is expected that the Walker will keep up with the pace set for the walk. The group will not adjust the pace to meet the needs of those who are unable to keep pace.

Questions: Contact Info: PJ – 858-566-8928 (home)

Directions): From Interstate 8, exit at the Descanso/Highway 79 exit. Head north on Highway 79.   At the 10.7-mile marker you will see the parking area to the right.  Park next to the Trout Pond Trailhead sign. This is a funky parking lot to exit due to the sharp turn in the road.  You might want to park heading out.  (i.e., back in)


Walkabout Safety Rules

All participants must be in condition, well-prepared for walk conditions, and will be accepted at the leader’s discretion.

Carry Identification and/or Medical Card with you.

Lock belongings in trunk before walking and take valuables with you

Car locked & windows up

Stay behind the walk leader, let leader set the pace.

No one behind the sweep

Echo back obstacles

You must notify the leader if you want to leave walk

Only service animals allowed unless indicated in the newsletter as a special walk with dogs Adventure pass or equivalent displayed as necessary

 Hikers must be able to keep up with the group

Carry sufficient water

Be prepared for adverse weather, we may not turn back